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1. Give us an email address. We will provide instructions.

2. We create a first-draft for your review.

3. You will be offered opportunities to request changes before the final cut.


* You can also contact us with direct inquiries, or for more information.

Los Angeles, CA
United States

A Worker-Owned Company: We produce video and animations for Fundraising, Business and Nonprofit websites.

Prices & Conditions

RedFlag Studio creates professional videos and animations for businesses and organizations. You provide us some photos and an interview-style video. You can take this video with any camera or cellphone. Use HD for the best results.

Explain the project, product, or service in your own words. We will edit the video. We convert all materials into a polished, professional video that can then be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and similar websites.

Animation customers simply fill out our script questionnaire, and answer a few questions. Provide a link to your website, and we'll do the magic. Voiceover artist and audio magic included.


Professional videos include motion graphics, lower thirds, professional color grading, logo animation and sound design.

Pricing determines quality. Set your budget, and we will do excellent work within this constraint.

Discounts are available to members of the NASE, and coupon codes apply.