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Los Angeles, CA
United States

A Worker-Owned Company: We produce video and animations for Fundraising, Business and Nonprofit websites.




RedFlag Studio: NASE Growth Grant Winner, 2011

RedFlag Studio

RedFlag Studio is a worker-owned companythat launched shortly after winning the 2011 Growth Grant award of the National Association of the Self-Employed. This support was invaluable in getting the company off the ground, so we now offer membership discounts for small businesses who are registered with NASE.

Deer Park Fundraiser Video

RedFlag Studio

The Deer Park Fundraiser video is an example of how we transform basic video and photographs into a polished video designed for publication on a crowdfunding campaign.

The client provided us with access to a large assortment of photographs showing the different stages of the project. This b-roll footage was color-graded and edited between select portions of video, which also had to be heavily edited for brevity and clarity.

The background music was also generated as a part of the monastery's internal culture, and it was used along with natural ambient sounds to evoke the feeling of being at a peaceful place where meditation is integrated into daily life.